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Welcome to my Booty-Shakin’ Dance Blog…Helping You Feel Beautiful, Sexy & Connected to your Body…with Dancing!

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Love Your Body

Love Your Body "Get Ready" Tip

Happy new year's eve! I'm getting ready for a fun samba dance gig tonight with a samba band...dancing at midnight in my big blue and gold feathers. Oh wow,Click Here to Read More...

How important is the

How important is the "Fun Factor"?

Hi there-- How important do you think the "fun factor" is? Here's a dance moment when it really hit home for me...from my own "two left feet" moment a weekClick Here to Read More...

Calling in

Calling in "The One"

Hey there-- I hope you're having a beautiful weekend! Thank you for all of the lovely congratulations on my engagement to my best friend Tommy Wu! :) I couldn'tClick Here to Read More...

Booty Shakin' Dance Choreography For You! :)

Booty Shakin' Dance Choreography For You! :)

Hi there-- I have two exciting things to share with you today: One is a fun dance choreography for you…and the other is some hot romance news from myClick Here to Read More...

How to Twerk...and my Halloween adventure as Miley Cyrus

How to Twerk...and my Halloween adventure as Miley Cyrus

Hi there-- I hope you had a beautiful Halloween and thank you for the great feedback from my newsletter last week! As I mentioned last week, I decided toClick Here to Read More...

follow-me-on-linkedinHi there! My name is Theresa Stevens, although most people know me as Theresa Loves To Dance!Theresa Loves To DanceI’m a Samba Dancer & Teacher, a Health & Happiness Blogger, and a Booty-Shaking Expert.How Can I Help You? I can teach you how to “play the music” with your hips…and freely shake your booty! It’s time to  feel sexy, energized and ready for more fun and adventure in your life…with Dancing! Free Your Booty…and the Rest Will Follow!


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